Products: The Three Kings

Kingly Pure Deer Antler Velvet:
The 2,000 year old “all-rounder”


Deer velvet provides health benefits both internal and external. It works from the inside out and works on the internal organs first – so if you have a bad liver and are using deer velvet for a sore ankle, you might not see results on your ankle until it has helped your liver.

Kingly Life deer antler velvet:
Our arthritis and joint support supplement

Kingly Life has four amazing ingredients added in addition to the patented bio-active deer antler velvet, to bring you an extremely effective supplement that can help relieve arthritis, joint pain, joint inflammation and improve your general health.

Kingly Active Deer Antler Velvet:
Our sports recovery and training supplement


Kingly Active has four amazing ingredients that help you recover quickly, especially if you are an athlete. They are specially made to help you recover quickly from exercise, sports, training or any physical activity. It supports a quicker full body recovery from inflammation, tears, strains, and fatigue, in a natural way.


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