Since ancient time Deer Antlers have been used for its health benefits to the body. Deer Antler Velvet has 390 active ingredients, the most natural supplement in the world, contains Omega 3 and 6, IGF (insulin like growth factor), Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Amino Acid, EPA, DHA, Iron, Magnesium, Copper and hundreds more.

Kingly Deer Antler Vevet

What are the Benefits?

  • Get relief from arthritis with Kingly Velvet
  • Train Harder – Recovery Quicker
  • A 100% natural menopause supplement
  • Helps your psoriasis
  • Useful for aiding anaemia
  • Get Bigger, Faster, Stronger and Better!
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Alleviate menstrual troubles
  • Aid health growth in children
  • Sexual disorders in men

Moreover, Deer velvet provides health benefits both internal and external. Which means, once you see the external results you can rest assured that your internal has benefited too. Deer Velvet works from the inside out and works on the internal organs first – so if you have a bad liver and are using deer velvet for a sore ankle, you might not see results on your ankle until it has helped your liver.


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