How To Prevent Back Pain From Too Much Running?

Running’s high-impact can often come with some pains and aches along the way. This is typically true for your back, whose spinal disks are absorbing much of the shock whenever your foot hits the ground. Although excessive running varies by the person, frequent and repetitive running sessions without some rest breaks can make back pain more likely. You need to always consult a medical professional before starting a running program or if you think you have a running-related back injury.

Lower Back Pain

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The Impact of Running

Too much running can either contribute to or cause you back pain. Many runners experience back pain because they have already a pre-existing condition, like a damaged spinal disk that running aggravates. An excessive running can also contribute to back pain because it causes your muscles strain from repetitive use. When running, the feet absorb the impact, which is then sent up your legs up to your spine where the spinal disks are absorbing the shock. A repetitive running pace can cause continual strain on the spinal disks, that can cause the pain, numbness, tingling and damage.

Excessive Running

Exercise can burn calories, helps in building muscles and helps you achieve a respiratory and cardiovascular fitness. Yet, you can exercise, which includes running too much. There are no exact formulas that exist for what constitutes running, according to experts. This also makes listening to your body important. When you are experiencing some pains and aches after a few days of running in a row, it may be time for you to take a break. Then, you can also vary the duration of your running sessions to reduce the impact and strain to your own back.


If you are experiencing some chronic back pain related to your excessive balance, experts recommend seeking balance in your daily exercise routine. This includes switching your few typical running sessions for exercise, which is lower-impact, like walking, cycling or swimming. You can also add some strength-training sessions to your own regular exercise. Your stronger muscles, especially those in the abdomen, can add stability in the back.

Preventive Tips

On days when you are running, preventing back pain can be a simple task by doing a thorough warm-up prior to your workout. This includes light jogging or walking before going into the some full-running space. A regular stretching of the hamstring muscles on the leg’s back can also help. There are specific foods that can help strengthen your bones and muscles to prevent back pain because of running excessively. Taking deer antler supplements can also help prevent back pain. Experts recommend stretching them twice daily that will reduce the pull of your hamstrings that can have on the lower back. For instance, you would be lying on your back and lifting your one straight leg and holding it close to your chest as much as possible. By wearing comfortable shoes can help absorb the shock. If you are experiencing discomfort or pain, it is important to take a break from running.


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