Foods For Your Knees

The strong cartilage in the knees functions as cushions and protects them from jarring. But, different factors can cause the cartilage in your knees to break down, which leads to stiffness, joint pain or arthritis. There are certain foods that can prevent the further deterioration of the cartilage and even help to strengthen in. There are also exercises that can help, and your doctor may give you some advice on how to protect your knees.

Knee Pain

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Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits can help build the cartilage in your knees because they are a great source of vitamin C. Your body needs this vitamin for synthesizing your collagen, which is the part of healthy ligaments and tendons. A deficiency of vitamin C causes the joint pain, according to the study. They also help in reducing the risk of gout, a kind of arthritis , which results from too much uric acid in the joints. Fruits such as oranges, grapes, tangerines and others are a rich source of vitamin C.


Many vegetables are low in calories, and they are a good example of foods to emphasize in a diet for losing weight and preventing the unwanted gain in your body. Obesity is one of the risk factors of osteoarthritis, which is a form of arthritis that happens when you tend to overuse your joints. The extra pounds that you carry if you are overweight place more stress on the joints. The weight that you lose or gain depends on the balance of the calories that you eat and the calories you expend.

Lean Proteins

Foods For Your Knees

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Arthritis is an inflammatory disease and although you may be able to strengthen the cartilage in the knees by limiting the intake of saturated fats, according to the study. Lean proteins, like tofu and beans are lower in saturated fats than any other fatty meats. Seafood may also have an extra benefit for your joints because of the omega-3 fats, that can reduce the chronic inflammation. Seafoods like tuna, shrimp, scallops, salmon, oysters, and others contain omega-3 fats. Fatty fish may also supply some vitamin D that can lower your risk for rheumatoid arthritis.

Other Things to Consider

Peanuts and nuts may also help in strengthening the cartilage in your knees because of vitamin E, that can lower the risk for rheumatoid arthritis, according to the research. A study also suggests that you should limit the intake of refined sugars and starches, like in white bread, sweets and white pasta. Some dietary supplements with Glucosamine and Chrondoitin, which can be found in deer antler velvet supplements can also build your cartilage.
Your doctor or a medical professional can advise you about taking them. The foods mentioned above can only be more effective if you pair it with some exercises, specific for your knees. While you are young, take time to give attention to your knees so that when you get old, you can avoid having arthritis that can hinder your day-to-day activities and live healthy.


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