4 Hip Exercises For Your Osteoarthritis

Bone Structure

Photo Credit: healthline.com

Osteoarthritis is a painful and difficult condition to have and it is caused by the breakdown of your cartilage between the bones in your joints. The most common type of osteoarthritis is the hip osteoarthritis and it is particularly debilitating because it affects your ability to walk. Severe cases of hip osteoarthritis are often treated with joint replacement surgery. But for people in their early stages of hip osteoarthritis, researchers recommend non-surgical treatment which includes a supervised exercise program to reduce the pain and improve the quality of your life. A physical therapist can determine the frequency of your exercises and the kind of exercises best suited for your condition.


Stretching is performed to improve your flexibility with the osteoarthritis of the hip. These kind of exercises targets the muscles around your pelvis and hips. Some of your hip muscles also cross the knee joint and stretching may focus on these as well. Tightness often affects your muscles that bend your knee and hip. Try to move your hip backward and bring your legs toward each other. Though specific instructions may vary, stretching is typically held for 30 seconds each and they are repeated several times in a row. It is important not to stretch to point of the pain because overstretching can damage the muscles.

Open Chain Exercise

This exercise allows your feet to move freely. Strengthening exercise like this can be performed by lying down, on your knees or hands while you are seated. The muscles that move your hips forward and backwards, out to the side, are targeted with open chain strengthening exercises. The resistance can be added like using strap-on ankle weights as your strength improves. Generally theses exercises are performed in sets of ten and working up to three sets in a row.

Closed Chain Exercise

These exercises are performed with your foot planted on the surface or another ground like exercise machine platform. These exercises are leg presses and squats and it improves your ability to climb stairs and stand up from a seated position. Walking sideways and backwards, standing on one leg and other balance exercises reduce the risk of falls during your daily activities. It also may include walking progressively and increasing time to improve your endurance.

Pool Exercise

We know that hip osteoarthritis is a very painful condition and it may be difficult for you to perform some closed chain exercises on land. Yet, walking on the pool is much easier because water buoyancy reduces your body’s amount of weight stress on your hip. Walking on the pool can be made more difficult if you increase the exercise time or walking in deeper water so that the resistance will increase. Balance activities can also be performed when you are in the pool. Water resistance makes these exercises quite challenging for you. Most of all, don’t forget eating healthy foods and taking supplements that promote bone and joint health. Consult a doctor or medical professional so that you will be properly diagnosed.


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