Nutrients Present in Antler Velvet

Deer antler velvet spray review

Antler velvet, that fuzzy growth on the newly-developed horns of deer, presents a multitude of benefits to the people using them. It can take the form of sprays, tablets and capsules and is very popular to people that are always exposing themselves to rigorous training regimens in order to build muscle and enhance athletic performance. This is so given that this material holds a number of nutrients that are able to help out in both physical and athletic functions. With that said, what are the examples of these nutrients and ways on how they can help out?


Deer antler velvet contains Insulin Growth Factor 1. Though not really considered a nutrient, this hormone basically stimulates the production of the Human Growth Hormone that is produced on the Pituitary gland. This makes the material pretty valuable, given these reasons:

  • The stimulation of HGH in children will certainly increase height and promote overall growth, resulting into healthier and muscle and protein mass. This will certainly increase physical capabilities, making them more proficient in sports and athletics.
  • Paired with the right and ample amount of sleep per day, especially to children during their development stages, this will result into stronger and physically able bodies.
  • During sleep, this is the time when the body regenerates and heals itself. This is crucial especially to people that are building muscle and have already reached their growth ceiling. IGF hastens and stimulates this process, quickly healing the trauma experienced by the muscles. This will result to less time resting and more time in working out!
  • Lastly, this hormone quickens the healing of muscle and bone injury, effectively reducing the healing time and enabling you to return quickly from injury.

Deer antler velvet results

Calcium and Iron

These two nutrients are found in antler velvet, and as you may have already learned in primary school, these nutrient are exceptionally vital in growth and development. Here are some of what these nutrients are capable of doing:

  • Calcium is a vital ingredient in the formation and the strengthening of bones. Aside from being important to developing and growing children, it is essential to athletes as well, given that strong and healthy bones are important in avoiding injuries especially to people like athletes.
  • Iron stimulates blood flow and promotes its improved circulation. It allows the red blood cells to easily distribute nutrients and oxygen into other body parts.
  • Though not considered a drug, antler velvet supplements are able to treat Iron and Calcium deficiencies by simply supplying the body with these nutrients.

Though antler velvet presents a number of benefits, you must remember to only take it in on recommended doses. Also remember to have your condition checked by a doctor or physician in order to know if you have underlying conditions that could render taking in this supplement unsafe. Overall, antler velvet poses a number of benefits and is generally green lighted for human consumption. However, remember that you should not take it excessively as it may pose a number of health risks if you do so.


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