Deer Antler Velvet Benefits

Deer Antler

Food supplements, although not really considered to be drugs, are able to provide a number of benefits. One notable supplement is deer antler velvet, which, as its name suggests is directly taken from the antlers of growing deer. Though this may sound cruel especially if you happen to be an animal rights activist, don’t fret, they were treated humanely, they are safe, the whole procedure was done in accordance to animal rights laws and ethics, and supervised by veterinarians. Basically, this involves the harvesting of the velvet before it fully solidifies into bone and as mentioned above, no harm will be done to the animal. This supplement has a multitude of benefits and it is exceptionally popular with bodybuilders, arthritic people and athletes. What exactly are these benefits?


Deer antler velvet contains one vital component in arthritis relief – glucosamine. Basically, this compound helps out in the regeneration of the joints, particularly the cartilage that prevents the two bones from scratching each other, effectively preventing joint inflammation and pain brought about by arthritis. Deer antler velvet provides just that. This is needed especially during winter, given that extreme cold will surely aggravate the pain that comes with arthritis.

Recovery from injuries

Were you injured the last time you played basketball? Don’t fret, deer antler velvet is able to help out in the recovery processes. This does not only help in injuries, but it also helps out in improving your training time and overall performance. Aside from deer antler velvet, some companies have infused other substances that are safe and promote recovery the recovery period. These include ginseng, licorice and angelica; herbs that are able to help out big time. So if you are experiencing troubles pertaining to physical injury, take in antler velvet to help you out.

Enhances your physical performance

Given that deer antler velvet is able to effectively help you recover from injuries, it could effectively enhance your physical capabilities, given the fact that it could help you out during training. The recovery rate statistics are astounding with them being able to make athletes recover from cramps, aching joints and fatigue faster and easier.

Healthy growth in children

Deer antler velvet is one of the best ways to aid the growth of children, given that it contains nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Iron is essential to the growth of blood, while calcium is essential to the development of bones while zinc does the same thing. With that said, it is also able to relieve stunted growth by introducing minerals essential for growth. Remember, it is widely used in South Korea – and you know how tall Koreans are!

Before taking it in however, be sure to have yourself checked by a physician in order to ensure that you won’t experience any side effects like allergies from taking it in. Also remember that like all other food supplements, it is not considered a drug. It can however, present the benefits listed above, add the fact that it is generally safe, so highly consider availing one!


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